Welcome to Oak Meadow and golf at its finest!

September 19th, 2015

Situated on 250 acres of rolling countryside, Oak Meadow Golf Club is one of the premier golf courses in Indiana. Known for championship golf, Oak Meadow offers several appealing amenities, including a fabulous clubhouse and full service golf shop, fine dining, bar and grille, swimming pool, tennis courts, Oak Meadow Lodge on property, and metal detector rentals.

Designed by Killon and Nugent, Oak Meadow’s 143 acre championship course was intending to be the ultimate test of challenge and reward, while maintaining competitiveness for the average golfer. Oak Meadow’s trademark is the beautiful penncross bentgrass greens, totaling 115,000 fast, sloping square feet. Complimenting the greens are 75,000 square feet of meticulously manicured tees. In the nearby woods you can get the pleasure of walking or hunting. Don’t forget to take the best hunting boots. The beauty and serenity that is enhanced by strategic hole separation perfectly compliments the rolling design that stretches out to 6965 yards from back of the tees.

Golf Lessons – Driving

September 1st, 2015

For golf players, many would experience having a hard time with their driver technique. That is why for you to be a more effective and better player, it is important to undergo golf driving lessons or get to learn the different techniques that you can use from knowing more about the take away, rhythm and timing, the se swing, follow through to the complete driver swing, there are just so many things that you have to learn. And for the complete beginners, no driving lessons does not mean parking your car without crashing into your best garage door opener.

Our site provides you with essential information and tutorials to learn golf. The video and instructional materials are designed for you be more consistent and for you to have a better trajectory. The lessons that we offer are completely illustrated to show you the right way of executing certain moves and techniques. Through our video tutorials, our experts can teach you and give you the best golf driving lessons to have a higher score. Even if you are new to the sport, you can definitely learn and become a pro player.

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